Toadfishbar What?

Toad Fish Bar – What?

What the heck is Toad Fish Bar? Well, you have to admit, doesn’t that name paint a picture in your mind when you read those words? Maybe you see a toad and a fish at the bar drinking. Or maybe you see a place straight out of the bayou with a big plate of fried catfish, peanut shells on the floor and lots of bottles. Hmmm I’m getting hungry now writing stuff like that. Whatever you see in your mind’s eye we want it to be great and that is the point of this site. We want to talk about different places from the desert to the sea. You know toads live in the desert and fish live in the sea, right. Get it??

So who doesn’t like visiting different places and enjoying a drink or meal there? Probably not too many people who don’t on the average although I am sure there are some who would rather stay home and read a book. Well that’s all fine and good and we do that also sometimes but then getting out and experiencing different places, people, food, drink (yes let’s not forget drinks) and things can really change a person for the better. My favorite carpet cleaner seems to have it figured out, he is able to go to different places all the time and always has a great story for me. Maybe I should get into the best carpet cleaning in Medford Oregon?

So most of us know people who are well traveled and maybe we are pretty well traveled ourselves. Has it been your experience Continue reading Toadfishbar What?

How Kids Can Help In Conservation Of Water

Water DropAre you aware of the fact that kids can make a very significant difference towards conservation of water? But first of all, it is important to discuss that why do we need to conserve water? We all know that Earth is a major source of providing water all over the world. It is the basic necessity of our lives. We can’t even think about a world with no water at all. Without clean water, other living creatures, such as animals, birds, plants and ocean life wouldn’t be able to survive. Although kids don’t run the government or work in large companies but still their role in conserving water is very important. They are capable of changing the minds of people, their families, friends, classmates towards water consumption. My really good friend Al at were discussing this so I thought I would post about it. He uses a lot of water for his business and since there are droughts occurring this was a natural conversation to have and on how to help conserve water.

Ways By Which Kids Can Help In Conservation Of Water

As a kid it is very important to take care of the small things that may lead to bigger problems. Don’t leave the water running, whenever you wash your hands. Turn the water on, wet your hands properly then turn the water off. Use hand wash or soup and lather your hands properly, then turn the water on to clean. After washing your hands, make sure Continue reading How Kids Can Help In Conservation Of Water

How to Get Back Peaceful Sleep

It is not surprising that majority of the people in this universe are patients of insomnia. Yes, we have made exceptional technological advancements, though on the other hand, we have lost many valuable assets also, among which is precious sleep. This is a very critical health issue.

It was commonly known and seen that old people took less sleep than youngsters. However, in this age even children are deprived of a proper 8 hours sleep due to the stress of school, friends, studies, etc. According to a survey, 54% of the women and 45% of the children lack Continue reading How to Get Back Peaceful Sleep

House Sitting Services

Since this website is a lot about traveling that makes sense also talked a lot about house sitting. What do you do when you have to leave your home vacant for a length of time?

There can be some serious risk to letting your home sitting vacant while you are away. If you’re not there then to breathe like door hangers newspapers trash will accumulate in your front yard. This can make your home look like nobody is living there. Smart crooks will take note of this and see your home as an easy place to break into and burglarized or vandalized. What can you do to help prevent this from occurring?

Hiring a reputable house sitter like to make sure that somebody visits your home regularly is a great deterrent to your home being broken into. If your home looks like somebody is living there it is much less likely that a burglar or vandal will choose your home to break into. Also what do you do with your pets if you are only gone for days or maybe weeks? Yes you can ask your neighbors or friends to care for them. But the reality is Continue reading House Sitting Services

Tacos Anyone

And we are not talking about Taco Bell here compadre. We are talking fresh, authentic, cooked at home and sold on a cart street vendor tacos. And even better if the area you are eating in is close to the ocean then fish tacos are a must. What, FISH tacos was my first response. Now give me a little room here, I grew up in the desert and fish was not a staple of our diet.

My first fish taco taste was from Rubio’s fish tacos which originated in San Diego CA. He apparently got the idea when visiting the Baja and eating, guess what, street vendor fish tacos. He was a smart guy and brought the idea back to the states and now there are Rubio’s all over the place. Thankfully!

So I was told by my good friend’s wife who grew up in Mexico that using the salsas at the taco stands is OK. She said you should Continue reading Tacos Anyone

Scuba or Snorkel

So my wife was never a big swimmer growing up whereas I swam all summer and spent my days in the water. All winter we swam competitively at an indoor pool and in the summer at the outdoor one. We had a lot of fun and I got very comfortable in the water.

My wife on the other hand was not so comfortable in the water. In fact she had a pretty morbid fear of any water above her neck line. I can understand completely, it does not take much to snatch away a life in the water pretty quickly.

One time we had a pool party and there were a bunch of kids playing in the pool with a bunch of adults around the pool. This was only in a play pool where the water does not get deeper than about 5 feet. One of the kids was pretty stubborn and thought he was a better swimmer than he was. He ventured out into the middle where it was over his head and found out Continue reading Scuba or Snorkel

All Inclusive?

I’m hooked! At least when it comes to all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean coastline areas.

Let me explain. We had been working really hard on a large project and had never been to the Caribbean cost. So we started planning a trip there for some much needed time away and my wife fell in love with pictures of Cozumel and really liked the idea that it was a small island and offered maybe more security than the mainland did. It is more difficult to run away from an island unless you have a private boat at your disposal. Most petty crooks probably don’t have a speed boat so… Continue reading All Inclusive?

Mexico Ahhh

If you live in the southern states in the US then getting to Mexico is likely not that much time or trouble for you compared to others in different areas. Even a lot of northern cities have direct or one stop flights into the great vacation spots in Mexico. If you like Mexico vacations, tequila, fish and scuba diving or snorkeling and happen to live in some cities like Dallas or Houston with direct flights to the great vacation spots like Cancun or Cozumel then you have great opportunities to get away easily for some great vacation times.

Who doesn’t like sitting on a white sand beach, nibbling on some fresh local fruit or salsa and chips while nursing a drink made from fresh squeezed juice and some of your favorite spirits? Not too many will pass that up and I am one of those who will definitely not pass it up. My favorite now a days is tequila and of course Mexico is the place for that. I am astounded at the differences in the fine tequilas available there for sipping. When I was young (yeah that was that a long time ago) we would drink the tequila common to younger people in the states that had the name “gold”, most know what that is. Well for a while I thought Continue reading Mexico Ahhh